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What your respons with students POIN at the school ?

Parent Testimonials

Mrs. Tuty Lindawati
“MIMI teqachers taught our children with Patience, Caring and Love.During their time in MIMI, they know how to love God & friends, discipline and have
Mr. Edy Susanto
“MIMI has the appropriate and conductive environment, resources and facilities that encourages the pursuit of exellence in teaching and learning.”
Mrs. Christiana Koe
“We appreciate MIMI for completing our children with Superior characteristics, such as honesty, leadership, affection, preseverance, self confidence,
  • Our curriculum is a national curriculum combined with international curriculum.
  • For the learning process, we adopt the curriculum that is designed to develop the students wholly, touch their heart and mind, also to expand their intellectual, spiritual, social, emotional, physical and cultural needs. By having this system we hope that the students will have the ability to live life and achieve well in the community.
  • “MIMI” school also develops Character Building, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, so that the students can be aware of who they are, where they are placed, what to do, why they do particular things, and how to do something. This way the students can learn to take responsibility of their actions and bring positive impacts for other people.





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